Your Bourse Establishes Presence in LD4 Equinix Data Centre

December 10, 2019

Forex industry technology provider, Your Bourse is delighted to announce the launch of its main infrastructure hub in Equinix LD4 data centre. The new hub allows Your Bourse to host clients’ servers in the most popular site for the European financial industry and establish cross-connects to the existing network of 26 liquidity providers. Combined with the low-latency matching engine, the cross-connected liquidity will provide brokers with a competitive edge in the retail and institutional areas.

Your Bourse always aims to deliver consistent performance and low latency for their Liquidity Hub. All the platform components are written in C++ running on Linux on Cascade Lake CPUs with 10 GB networking. Hosting Liquidity Hub in the immediate proximity to the leading liquidity providers adds up to the general low-latency approach across the company.

The current promotional price starts at only €200 per month. See more Price Plans.

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