Your Bourse Expands Infrastructure Network with Presence in Equinix Data Centres (LD5, NY4, NY5, CH1, HK1, TY3, FR2)

January 28, 2020

Forex industry technology provider, Your Bourse has announced the expansion of its global infrastructure network today. The company has previously launched its primary hub in LD4 Equinix data centre. As of today, Your Bourse has also established presence in LD5, NY4, NY5, CH1, HK1, TY3 and FR2 data centres.

The new hubs open new opportunities for the company as they will be able to host Liquidity Hub in the immediate proximity to the leading liquidity providers and deliver all the benefits of the cross-connected liquidity from 30+ providers to their clients. Combined with the affordable pricing, this expansion makes Your Bourse product offering even more attractive to MT4/MT5 retail and institutional brokers as cost-effectiveness becomes one of the most crucial challenges for forex brokerages.

So far, only large-scale brokerages could afford the sky-high infrastructure costs and in-house IT department required to maintain an infrastructure setup with co-location in Equinix data centres and multiple cross-connects to liquidity providers. Your Bourse has entered the market intending to make this kind of setup available to brokerages of all sizes by providing cutting-edge technology and low-latency infrastructure in one packaged solution with flexible pricing. A broker of any size can choose a combination of services that will meet their needs and not exhaust the company’s resources. The current promotional price starts at only €200 per month. See more in Price Plans.

Liquidity Hub, Your Bourse’s liquidity management and execution platform designed specifically for MT4/MT5 brokers, comprises of the following modules: liquidity aggregation from 30+ liquidity providers, low-latency matching engine, MT4 Bridge and MT5 Gateway, data warehouse and risk management.

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