Your Bourse Responds to COVID-19 with 'Business as Usual'

March 16, 2020 – Amidst the COVID-19 turmoil, Your Bourse would like to declare ‘business as usual’ and assure our clients and partners that interruptions or alterations are not expected to any of our services, including all lines of support, production and development teams.

Your Bourse, with offices in London and Tallinn, has responded to Coronavirus threat by embracing remote working. Previously, team members in all locations have been practicing remote work as part of our contingency plan, therefore all employees have switched to working from homes seamlessly as of today.

Another concern we have to address is the high volatility and rapid market movements observed across the markets last week and the consecutive failures of some of the trading systems. We’re happy to confirm that Your Bourse remained a safe haven for brokers technology due to its sophisticated architecture and decentralized infrastructure:

  • All the platform settings are fully automated and do not require IT staff to perform changes to Liquidity Hub
  • Market data feed quality is ensured by 8 spike filters implemented on different levels of the platform
  • Each client’s Liquidity Hub is represented by an independent matching engine that doesn’t get affected by the load or outages of another client’s Hub or the ‘core’, which simply doesn’t exist.

Don’t worry. While you’re staying home with your families, we’re taking care of your business!

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