MT4 Bridge and
MT5 Gateway

Connect your MT4/5 servers to aggregated liquidity and low-latency matching engine via high performing and light-weighted MT4 Bridge and MT5 Gateway

MT4 Bridge and MT5 Gateway are integral parts of Your Bourse Liquidity Hub that allow retail brokers to manage their business more effectively and optimise order processing process.

MT4 bridge matching engine

Ultra-low latency

  • High performing, light-weighted and stable solution
  • Written in C++ using MT4 Server API and MT5 Gateway API
  • Proprietary data structure and algorithms used for Order Book to ensure O(1) complexity for all operations

Smart execution

MT4 Bridge order routing

Smart pricing

  • Protection against off-market quotes
  • Advanced min/max spread and mark-up profiles
  • All changes are applied in real-time – no restart is required

Reporting and Risk Management

risk management